Yield Provisions

Available by phone order 52362611

Zero-contact collection 5 days a week 11am to 5:30pm Tueday to Saturday – Please respect our opening hours as we are also home schooling our children.

Zero-Contact Home Delivery (Minimum spend $50 + $5 delivery charge to all areas outside of Birregurra) all orders to be placed at least a day prior before 5:30pm.

COLAC-OTWAY DISTRICT – 4 days a week Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturaday – Birregurra, Warncoort, Yeo, Irrewarra, Beeac, Warrion, Coragulac, Alvie, Cororooke, Colac, Baronarook.

LORNE DISTRICT – LAST DELIVERY RUN WEDNESDAY 13TH MAY to Bambra, Aireys Inlet, Lorne & Deans Marsh.


Yield Sourdough bread: $9

Great Ocean Rd Honey 500g: $12                                                    

Farming Mum’s Strawberry & Proceco Jam 290g: $10

Otway Kitchen Plum Jam 270g: $9.50

Otway Kitchen Apricot Jam 270g: $9.50

Otway Kitchen Raspberry Jam 270g: $9.50                                       

Timboon Peanut Butter 375g: $10       

Timboon Peanut Butter 760g: $18

Misty’s Salted Caramel 375g: $16

Misty’s Vegan Salted Caramel 375g: $16

Campfire Outback Beans 560g: $11.50

Classic Napoli Sauce 540g: $11.50

Jim Jams Tomato Sauce: $10.50                                            

The Farming Mum’s Preserved Lemon 290g: $10                         

Otway Kitchen Tomato Sauce 250g: $9.50

Otway Kitchen Tomato Kasundi 270g: $9.50

Otway Kitchen Tomato Relish: $9.50

Tamarind Tree Butter Chicken Sauce: $13

Tamarind Tree Korma 260g: $13

Maharaja’s Mango Chutney 260g: $10

Doodles Creek Mayonnaise 285g: $9.50

Doodles Creek Tartare Sauce 285g: $9.50

Shiraz Grape Goop 180g: $10

Quince Paste 180g: $9.50

Otway Kitchen Zucchini Relish 270g: $9.50

Lana’s Garden Rhubarb Sauce 250g: $11

City Larder Apple, Current & Stout Chutney 200g: $11

City Larder Traditional Pickled Onions 265g: $11

Valley Produce Dill Cucumbers 510g: $10

Nice Pickles Jerk Beans: $12

Birregurra Estate Green Olives 500g: $16

Pickled Otway Walnuts – Ruby Port: $14

Pickled Otway Walnuts – Old English Style: $14

Birregurra Estate Olive Oil 375ml: $18

Mount Zero Chardonnay Verjus 750ml: $15

By Farr Verjuice 375ml: $12

Hilbilby Red Wine Vinegar 250ml: $20

Otway Apple Cider Vinegar 375ml: $12

Doodles Creek Balsamic Dressing: $9.50

South Sea Salt Flakes 230g: $10

Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt 200g: $9.50

Sandy Creek Mountain Pepper Berry Whole 40g: $12

Mount Zero Falafel Mix 500g: $10

Mount Zero Organic Quinoa 500g: $13

Birregurra Flour Mill Plain Flour 1kg: $7

Birregurra Flour Mill Spelt Flour 1kg: $7

Laukie Bakers Flour 1kg: $5


Schutz Organic Yoghurt Natural 500g: $8

Schutz Organic Yoghurt Greek 500g: $8

Schulz Organic Milk 2lt Full Cream or Low Fat: $6.50   

Schutz Organic Cream: $5

Bulla Thickened Cream 300ml: $3.50

Bulla Sour Cream 200ml: $3

True Organics Butter Salted 250g: $6

True Organics Butter Unsalted 250g: $6

Meredith Dairy Marinated Goats Cheese 250g Jar: $14

L’Artisan Organic Cheese Fermier 200g: $14

Apostle Whey Cheese Smoked Havarti: $12

Apostle Whey Cheese Pepper Havarti: $12

Apostle Whey Cheese Blue Vein: $13

Apostle Whey Cheese Brie: $13

Maffra Mature Cheese: $7

Shaw River Buffalo Mozzarella 120g: $10

Shaw River Annie Baxter Mature Buffalo Cheese: $16

City Larder Free Range Chicken Pate 150g:  $14

City Larder Duck & Cherry Pate 150g: $14

City Larder Pork Rillettes 150g: $15

Offaly Good Organic Shiitake Vegan Pate 150g: $15

Chooks At The Rook Free Rage Eggs 1doz: $8

Free Range Bacon – Please call for details

Salt Kitchen Mortadella 500g: $12   

Salt Kitchen Pork & Fennel Sausages: $13

Salt Kitchen Ham 500g: $13

Salt Kitchen Chorizo sausage: $15


Bilson’s Portello or Lime Juice or Raspberry: $10


Fifty Shades Of Earl Grey: $15

This Tea Is Mint: $15

Lemony Ninja: $15



2019 Heroes Sauvignon Blanc, Murroon: $28

2018 Latta Sauvignon Blanc, Coghills Creek: $40

2017 Brown Magpie Pinot Gris, Modewarre: $28

2018 MODO Bianco Pinot Gris Blend, Lethbridge: $30

2019 Heroes Dry Riesling, Murroon: $28

2018 Pennyweight Riesling, Beechworth: $55

2018 Latta Bianco Bad Reputation, Coghills Creek: $40

2017 Provenance Chardonnay, Fyansford: $38

2018 Irrewarra Chardonnay From A Farr, Bannockburn: $65

2013 Lethbridge ‘Allegra’ Chardonnay, Lethbridge: $90


2018 Between Five Bells Amber, Lethbridge: $35


2016 Heroes Riesling, Murroon: $28

NV Best’s Royal Reserve, Great Western: $50


2019 Trutta Rose, Bendigo: $30

2919 Anti Heroes Rose, Murroon: $28

2019 Farr Rising Gamay, Bannockburn: $60

2017 Blakes Pinot Noir Reserve, Deans Marsh: $28

2017 Irrewarra Pinot Noir By Farr, Irrewarra: $65

2017 CS Wine Co Nero D’Avola, Marcus Hill: $28

2014 Lethbridge Nebbiolo, Lethbridge: $60

2018 Valley Of The Moon Cabernet Franc, Bellarine: $28

2017 Latta Sangiovese, Coghills Creek: $40

2016 Dinny Goonan Shiraz, Bambra: $28

2018 Provenance Shiraz, Geelong: $35

2010 Indra Lethbridge Shiraz, Lethbridge: $90


2018 Dinny Goonan Proserpina, Bambra: $28

2019 Spence Naturale Rose, Geelong: $40

2019 Latta Good Times, Coghills Creeks: $40

NV Nadeson Collis Brut Inception: $45    

2019 Between Five Bells Petillant Naturel, Lethbridge: $45


Beer/Cider     Mix Six $25 (Only available with all $5 beers)

Forbidden Fruit Original Apple Cider, Barongarook: $5           

Prickly Moses Otway light, Barongarook: $5                   

Prickly Moses Spotted Ale, Barongarook: $5

Prickly Moses Pale, Barongarook: $5

Red Duck Amid, Ballarat mid-strength: $5       

Red Duck Porter, Ballarat: $5                   

Two Birds Sunset Red Ale, Spotswood: $5       

Two Birds Taco, Spotswood: $5


La Sirene Farmhouse Red, Alphington: $12

La Sirene Praline, Alphington: $12

LONG NECKS   500ML                                                    

Forrest Brew Co Silvertop Larger, Forrest: $9

Forrest Brew Co Cherry Whit Beer, Forrest: $9

Forrest Brew Co Strawberry Smacker, Forrest: $9


Maidenii Sweet Vamouth 750ml: $50

Applewood Distillery Okar Amaro 750ml; $60

Kilderkin Larrikin Gin 700ml, Ballarat: $90

Kilderkin Gin Gift Pack: $85         (London Dry, Limited Addition, Original)

Timboon Distillery Gift Pack: $120 (Strawberry Schnapps, Coffee Cream, Lemoncello)

Timboon Single Malt Whisky 200ml (Port of Expression): $90

Timboon Single Malt Whisky 500ml (Port Of Expression): 160


Capi Tonic Water 250ml: $3


Bilson’s Classic Creamy Soda 355ml: $4

Bilson’s Classic Lemonade 355ml: $4

Bilson’s Classic Portello 355ml: $4

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